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Harness the Power of These Most Successful Strategies for SEO This 2017

There have been so many changes that SEO has gone through the years. Some even declare that it’s already dead. However, in 2016, SEO learned adjusting to the unfortunate changes and organic reach has been embraced all over again. And this 2017, quality remains to be the primary strategic goal and more will surely come.

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Stand Out in the Mobilegeddon

Studies revealed that 70% of mobile searches can lead to action in a matter of an hour, making this SEO factor simply irresponsible to neglect and impossible to ignore. It was in 2015 when Google acknowledged mobile optimization when they launched a special ranking update for this type of search popularly known as Mobilegeddon. With another new update earlier last year and the ever increasing number of mobile only users, optimizing your website for phones seems like the cleverest initial step. Right now, a responsive design has the biggest impact in SEO yet adaptive serving and separate mobile websites never fall that far behind.

Go Back to Local Pages

With the increased mobile uses, local search has become a logical side effect, and your SEO strategy will never afford not to make the most out of this bottomless pit of opportunities. The local results are the main intent of about half of all the mobile searches, and the one thing you have to do to subscribe to the list of the ones who profit from this strategy is to be a part of the appropriate Google local page. As far as content is concerned, you can also adjust your keywords in such a way that will make them become more local specific provided that it doesn’t look unnatural.


Even though it is trickier compared to traditional methods, organic SEO can yield amazing results. Everyone will agree that this approach happens to be the cleanest and most natural choice to go and when done properly, this can deliver similar ranking as its counterparts combined with pure content to the delight of the consumers.

This could seem more time consuming yet it is not really that hard. As search engines now clearly understand user instant, the best SEO companies will be able to make use of similar data to look for relevant content topics then stack these with keywords in a natural and unobtrusive way. Before you decide on the phrases to use, make sure you research about their relevancy first.

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Once again, SEO is all about coming up with high quality content. After all, organic marketing is the direct response to the time wasting and bizarre click bait trend. The moment search engines get rid of these, the real user intent will become more noticeable. Whatever the subject or topic might be, an effective article must be around 2000 to 2500 words in length as this is the exact length which offers in depth interpretation of the subject and provides helpful, valuable and original content.

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